Irodalomtörténeti Közlemények

2022, vol. CXXVI, issue 6

  • Török, Zsuzsa: Apostles or tradesmen. Periodical and newspaper editors in the mid-nineteenth-century Kingdom of Hungary
  • Wirágh, András: „This time has not been a job to be a writer”: Literary career-building frames at the fin de siècle before 1908

  • Kiss, Farkas Gábor: Early Humanist reading practices in Hungary: John Vitéz of Zredna’s first manuscript of Livy (Vienna, ÖNB, cod. 3099)
  • Bartók, István: Literary thinking in Hungary between 1580 and 1630. Program study for a planned monograph
  • Horváth, Csaba Péter: Supplements to the question of how Péter Pázmány used the Bible. The example of the Guide
  • Lövétei Lázár, László: “enough kauderwelsch”? The structure of Smaller Poems (1856) of Arany János

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